Jesus Is Our Big Brother2 min read

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Jesus is our big brother.

Bible scholars believe that Jesus had six siblings, that he was one of seven. We know that he was at least one of seven from Matthew chapter 13 verses 55 and 56, but there could have been more children. But even if he just had six siblings, four brothers, two sisters, cause we don’t know how many sisters he had for sure, even if it was just two.

That’s six babies. Six baby siblings to Jesus. So, let’s get that picture. Jesus has six younger siblings. Times were different 2, 000 years ago, but hey, they were not that different. All right, so this means Jesus wiped noses, cleaned up messes, washed owies, combed hair, gave baths, broke up skirmishes, gave advice, scared off bad suitors, gave a stern talking to when needed, wiped away tears, helped with homework, probably sighed and shook his head a few times, kissed boo-boos.

Are you getting a picture? How about this? He also played in the dirt, fished with his little brothers, he built forts, he played some version of cops and robbers, maybe Romans and zealots, I don’t know. He used pretend voices when playing with his sisters. I’m just using my imagination. I can’t prove this with scripture, but I’m just guessing, I’m just guessing that Jesus wasn’t the big brother that was always in his prayer closet.

He was helping Mary. He was doing these things. He was helping his brother learn to play sports and then cheering them on from the sidelines. Can you get that picture of Jesus cheering you on? You should. He danced with his sisters. He showed his sisters how gentlemen really behave. He became the father figure in his home when his earthly dad passed away.

Jesus is all those things, and he is our big brother, too. He’s the best. I promise you, if Jesus had been your brother, he would have treasured you.

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